Be 'in the know', without being 'in the market'

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to see all the ‘insider’ roles in the market without being listed as ‘available’ and being harassed by recruiters? By joining G2M Leaders you will be able to anonymously view opportunities that match your profile and if something catches your interest, you can connect with the employer before it hits the wires.
We heavily vet every employer to ensure that culture, attainment, funding and market opportunity represent an employer that we recommend to our closest friends.


We are SaaS sales management and supporting functions

G2M Leaders connects A-Players in the following roles with jobs in:

  • Sales Management (front line and Director)
  • Sales Development Management
  • Sales Engineering Management
  • Sales Operations

Getting access to the opportunities that are never advertised

Early access to the next rocket-ship is only going to happen if you know someone ‘in the know’ – There is a reason that Slack is full of Salesforce alumni! At G2M Leaders we have the inside track on all the ‘insider’ opportunities and if you are an undiscovered diamond you should join our community.


You can share roles with your friends

If you see a role that you like, you can use our referral program to have your friends sign-up and earn $2000 for a placement – There is nothing like being able to give a friend a tip for a hot role and as a passive member, you can keep an eye out for your peers.

How it works

You can sign up in under 3 minutes after which we will review your details for compatibility with our community. If accepted we will immediately look for matches against the set of ‘insider’ opportunities we are connected to.

  • ico01
    1. Online application 3 min
  • ico02
    2. Application review 1-2 day elapsed
  • ico04
    3. Role matches presented