Matching the best employers with the talent you deserve

We focus exclusively on the go to market management talent who have built/managed or supported high growth organizations like yours. If you have found a repeatable, scalable sales motion and have a successful sales team in place already, then we have the middle management that you need.

Retained search firms do a fantastic job, but are too expensive below the executive tier - Contingent recruiters do an adequate job for individual contributors, but until now, no-one has found the inside track on middle management.

How it works

If accepted, you will find talent that is the quality of retained search, for the price of contingent. During a 15 minute application process you will be speaking with one of our talent industry experts and not a junior recruiter with limited domain experience (We don’t have any).


Note: In order to support your success we have an exclusive partnership with whereby you receive a free ticket to ANY of their training programs for each hire you make.  SaaSy has programs that cover:  AE Management, VP Sales, SDR Management, Sales Enablement, Sales Engineering (Mgr & IC), SDR Management, Customer Success (Mgr & IC) and Channels. After training, your manager has access to the SaaSy alumni community for peer support and networking.

Today we match roles in:
- Boston
- New York
- San Francisco
  • ico01 (1)
    1. Online application 3 min
  • ico02 (1)
    2. Application review call 15 min
  • ico03
    3. Role set-up 10 min
  • ico04 (1)
    4. Matches presented
  • ico05
    5. Fee only on successful hire
  • SaaS Management training
    6. Free SaaSy Sales Management training Every hire = 1 course credit